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Aimen Mehboob.

Education: Master's in Philosophy.

Skills: CBT, Psychometric testing, Psychodynamic therapy, REBT, DBT, Humanistic Therapy, Integrative Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Couple's and marital therapy, Addiction Counselling, Peer counselling, Group therapy, Life coaching, Family Therapy

Aimen’s vision:

I’m Aimen Mahboob, a Psychologist.

I possess a well-rounded expertise that encompasses a holistic approach to psychological support. With a profound commitment to excellence and a strong work ethic, I am adept at inducing behavioral change, providing trauma management, and offering coping skills to individuals from diverse backgrounds. My skill set includes conducting psychometric and psychosocial assessments, utilizing DSM-V knowledge, and excelling in counseling and communication. I have a track record of adaptability, teamwork, and collaboration, making my support effective for individuals of all genders, age groups, professions, and cultural backgrounds. My expertise is versatile, adaptable, and driven by a passion for fostering mental well-being and personal growth.

My career has involved roles at the National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-e-Azam University, where I’ve honed my understanding of psychological theories. As a Psychologist at Khkuly Jwand Drug Rehabilitation Hospital, I’ve specialized in behavioral change and trauma support. At Crime Victim Services Pakistan, I’ve delivered compassionate care to diverse individuals.

With MPhil Psychology, a Post-Grad Diploma in Forensic Psychology, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology, I’m well-equipped to address complex psychological needs. Proficient in psychometric assessment, counseling, and DSM-V, I also excel in communication and teamwork.

Committed to exceptional client support, I bring a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. As a skilled Freelance Writer, I communicate effectively to support mental well-being and personal growth. My goal is to make a lasting impact through psychological support, driven by experience, education, and a passion for excellence.


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